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Christopher Kaniki

(First Director and CEO)

Christopher Kaniki has been involved in several forms of Impact Assessment Processes. These include, Environment and Social Impact Assessment, Strategic Environment Assessment, Heritage Impact Assessment as well as Environmental and Social Management Systems. Assignments in the above include those for National Institutions (Ministries, UNZA, REA and ZEMA and ZESCO) Inter-governmental (Zambezi River Authority and SAPP) projects. These include those of Integrated Water Resources, Hydropower Generation, Transmission and Distribution projects, respectively, for over 35 years.

Christopher holds an MSc in Project Management (Risk Management) (UK) a BSc in Environmental Management and Planning (AIU); Pg. Diploma in Environmental Management (Israel), Pg. Diploma in Project Management (UK) as well as attained a Master Class on European Investment Bank (EIB) on Environmental and Social Sustainability Management (Frankfurt, German) to mention but a few. Individually, Christopher has been engaged as an Environmental Consultant by the Private Sector as well as Zambian Government Ministries (responsible for Energy and Water Development and that for Livestock and Fisheries, respectively), to undertake ESIA assignments. President Elect (2017) of Impact Assessment Association of Zambia (IAAZ) an Affiliate of the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA), has served on National Executive Committee of the Association, for the last 8 years, in the capacity of Publicity Secretary. Christopher has a high passion for the environment and craves to contribute toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).