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Our Team

The NONDEKNOX Consulting Limited Team, has professionals from a wide range of relevant and vital sectors. These include two directors, below are their summary biographies.

Christopher Kaniki
First Director and CEO
Christopher Kaniki has been involved in several forms of Impact Assessment Processes. These include, Environment and Social Impact Assessment, Strategic Environment Assessment, Heritage Impact Assessment as well as Environmental and Social Management Systems. Assignments in the above include those for National Institutions (Ministries, UNZA, REA and ZEMA and ZESCO) Inter-governmental (Zambezi River Authority and SAPP) projects. These include those of Integrated Water Resources, Hydropower Generation, Transmission and Distribution projects, respectively, for over 35 years. Christopher holds an MSc in Project Management (Risk Management) (UK) a BSc in Environmental Management and Planning (AIU); Pg. Diploma in Environmental Management (Israel), Pg. Diploma in Project Management (UK) as well as attained a Master Class on European Investment Bank (EIB) on Environmental and Social Sustainability Management (Frankfurt, German) to mention but a few. Individually, Christopher has been engaged as an Environmental Consultant by the Private Sector as well as Zambian Government Ministries (responsible for Energy and Water Development and that for Livestock and Fisheries, respectively), to undertake ESIA assignments. President Elect (2017) of Impact Assessment Association of Zambia (IAAZ) an Affiliate of the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA), has served on National Executive Committee of the Association, for the last 8 years, in the capacity of Publicity Secretary. Christopher has a high passion for the environment and craves to contribute toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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Bwanga Kaniki (Mrs)
Second Director and Secretary
"For 25 years, Bwanga Kaniki has worked in Accounts department as a Data Operator and as an IT Technician in the IT Department specialized Sun-Systems software, a tool that provides integration of ledger accounting and inventory processes. She holds a BSc in Computer Science".
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Dr. Andrew M. Kaniki
Higher Education and Research Management Expert
Dr. Andrew M. Kaniki has forty (40) years of experience in higher education and research management. He recently retired from the post of Executive Director at the National Research Foundation (NRF) after nineteen (19) years of service. Among the various responsibilities at various times at the NRF included: Executive oversight for research funding (over R1billion/year) of national and international collaborative research projects and programmes; responsibility for the NRF rating system of researchers; reviews and evaluation; strategy unit; and knowledge management and information services. Prior to joining the NRF he was Professor of Information Science at the University of Natal (now the University of KwaZulu Natal), and between 2000 and 2002 he was Pro-Vice Chancellor and Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) at the same university. He taught for several years at the University of Zambia, and worked as an Information Science Specialist at Carnegie – Mellon University (USA). He holds PhD (Pittsburgh, USA), MS (Illinois, U-C. USA) in Information Science, and BA (Zambia) degrees. He has attended a number of management and executive development programmes, including the Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Development programme. He has served on several national and international committees related to higher education and research management.
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Dr. Margaret M. K. Siwale (PhD)
Social Economic Expert
Dynamic and self-propelled, Margaret has vast experience in banking, having worked for several Banks in different managerial positions. Banks include; Barclays, defunct Meridian BIAO, Provident Investment Kalulushi Mining and finally chose to retire as a Senior Inspector at Bank of Zambia. Margaret has a BA in Economics, MA Economics and a PhD in Finance. Lecturer at CBU and Zambia Catholic University, Margaret brings to the fore a huge expertise to learners and interns in the financial and Socio-economic Sector. A people person, Margaret is a stakeholder engagement expert who finds herself selling ice-cream in the North Pole! Advice on Micro Finance and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises is part of her speciality. As a Social Economic Expert, she enjoys social economic surveys and analysis.
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Legal and Social Expert
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Ms. Tasha Kaniki
Tasha Kaniki, currently completed high school and understudying Board Members, learning the environmental and social edification trend. Tasha has been Undertaking data collection during Environmental and Social Impact Assessment processes. Has some expertise with the GPS gadget, photography and a good document editing skills. Tasha is currently pursuing a Certificate in Institute of Purchasing and Sales in readiness for a Degreed in Marketing.
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